Our Tiny House Build Adventure

Our Next Building Project

We got the bug to build again in early 2016. After some research and watching some shows on them, we decided a Tiny House on Wheels seemed like a reasonably sized project. I was also considering what the appropriate timing would be to retire. That would give us the time to embark on this adventure.

Things lined up and we started to design a Tiny House about the time I decided to retire in early summer. Once I did retire In October 2016, we started to design in earnest with the SketchUp 3D CAD tool. The results are included below, and in the Interior views.

Now that the design is reasonably solid, we have begun building some of the interior items as we await warmer weather. We plan to order the trailer to build the house on in late February, with an expected early April delivery. Check the Diary page for our progress.

Front View Front View

Rear View Rear View

Front View with Screened Porch Front View


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