Horton Dome - Tour


Our dome is a 40 foot 5/8 sphere. It is built on a 9 foot high foundation for an overall height of about 42 feet (cellar floor to cupola roof). There are 7 Timberline triangular skylights, 4 in one dramatic grouping over the family room/mezzanine.

The dome has 5 extensions. If you look at the sketch above, the garage is in one extension, with the master bath above. Proceeding clockwise (left), the next extension is the front door with a bedroom above. Next (out of view) is the kitchen with the sewing/project area above. In the back is an 8 foot extension with verticle walls containing the family room/mezzanine. The last extension, to the right of the garage, is the master bedroom.

We also have the cupola kit with floor framing option at the top.


Inside, we will have 7 levels:
Level 1
- A drive in basement with workshop.
Level 2
- Five feet up in the back third of the house (and into the 8 foot extension) is an entry hall/mud room, and a bedroom with full bath.
Level 3
- Four feet up from Level 2, in the front 2/3 of the house is the main level, foyer, dining/living room, kitchen, powder room/laundry, and master suite.
Level 4
- Two steps down from the main level near the center of the dome, is a sunken conversation pit with gas fireplace.
Level 5
- Up three feet from the main level, and over level 2 is the family room area we call the mezzanine sticking out into an 8 foot extension.
Level 6
- Seven feet up from the mezzanine is a sewing/project area, another bedroom (looking out looking out the dormer over the front door) and a full bath connected via a balcony/library area open to the central area of the main level (3) below.
Level 7
- Up 12 feet from level 6 via a spiral stair case is the cuploa floor.

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