- If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish most anything. I once heard "whether you believe you can do it, or you believe you can't, you are right". Sitting here with this new dome home around me, even I am amazed at what we have been able to create in the last 18 months.

- You will appreciate the simple things a whole lot more when you know what it took to get them there. Like the magic of being able to walk in to a room and turn on a light at the flip of a switch. Having a closet to organize your clothes in and cabinets so you can find plates. The privacy created by simply installing a door.

- All those who help will feel pride at their involvement. Speaking with my son and daughter's teachers, it is evident that my children are proud of the new home they helped create. It has been the topic of many conversations and even assignments.

- Most tasks will take several times as long to complete as you expect, but when they are done, they are the way you want them.

- There is no more complete feeling of "Our Home" than when you have constructed it by yourself, piece by piece.

- Many people have commented to me with surprise "and you are still married?". The realization of a shared dream, and the discussions and choices along the way have strengthened our marriage. It has given us much to talk about. A common interest to help keep communication open. Thank you Juliette for sharing this journey with me.

- It is a lot more fun to spend the money to buy your new home a few dollars at a time rather than handing over one large check. And you get to pick what you buy. We found this a treat. Others who have trouble with decisions may find this hell.

- Choosing to build a dome makes you unique. People have asked "Why did you sell that beautiful colonial". Why a dome? Your sanity will be questioned. But when you are done you have a home with character and interest. Something out of the ordinary. The first word I usualy hear from a new visitor is "Wow". Some have commented that they never know what is around the next corner. Others have asked "how did I get in here" when they are ready to leave. A dome is special, not living in a typical box is also a treat. Do it your way.

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