The Horton Dome

The Horton Dome

Interior Photos 2019

Februry 2019

Here are some updated interior photos

Walking in the front door. Entry

Stepping into the dining room with kitchen beyond Dining/Kitchen

A panoramic view of dining room, kitchen, stairs up to mezzanine, over to the conversation pit with gas fireplace Main floor panorama

The conversation pit. The conversation pit

Looking up from the conversation pit to the bottom of the spiral stair and cupola Pit view up

Looking up from the mezzanine to the cupola Mezz view up

View of the mezzanine from the second floor balcony View down to mezz

The library on the second floor balcony Library

Second floor bedroom looking out over the front entry porch Upper bedroom

View of the conversation pit from the second floor balcony Conversation Pit

Lower level bedroom. The only square-ish room in the house Lower bedroom

The master bedroom Master Bedroom

The wake-up view from bed in the master bedroom Master Bedroom view up

The master closet Master Closet

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